Frequently Asked Questions

Chute Services


At General Sanitizers, we handle all chute needs from cleaning & deodorizing to installation & maintenance. Submit an online inquiry or give us a call today to speak with our professional staff!

We aren’t just limited to trash chutes; we are a one stop shop for all chute types! Laundry, debris (jobsite), waste, recycling, you name it – we handle it! From two stories to 100+ stories, no chute is too big or small for our professionals!

There are a multitude of variables here – while we cannot put a single price on a question dependent on unique factors to each situation, we can confidently say our global volume allows for the most competitive pricing compared with other top-tier providers.

Odors can come from dirty trash chutes, or odorous air rising up the chute from the collection room where smelly trash sits between garbage pick-ups. General Sanitizers offers regular cleaning service to ensure that trash does not cling to the inside of the chute and doors creating a smelly build-up. Our special SaniVapor™ penetrates and kills odor causing bacteria! We also offer collection room cleaning.

We aren’t exactly exterminators, but our process does kill maggots and other insects on contact! Furthermore, a clean chute and trash room means bye bye to the rat and fly buffet that keeps them around; they will naturally relocate to a dirtier property. A dirty trash room and/or chute encourages rats, flies, and pests to not only stick around, but also enables them to travel from floor to floor – yikes!

Unclogging your chute is certainly within our capability – depending on the severity, we recommend professional service to prevent damage to the chute or its doors. If you can locate the clog early on, and it happens to be near a door, a little tugging and elbow grease can help dislodge it. If the item is between floors or has already built up multiple stories, we have the tools and knowledge to help!

Trash Compactor Services


At General Sanitizers, we offer full service trash compactor options from cleaning and maintaining to installation and repair. Join a service plan today to protect your investment and keep your trash room clean to prevent unwanted odors and pests – its a win-win!

The most common problems with trash compactors include issues with the motor, ram, switches, and trash bin. Other issues may include damaged belts, faulty compacting plates, or worn-out bearings. Improper service intervals, excessive gunk build up on internal components, or old age can all contribute to issues.

Usage volume is a big factor, but generally speaking it should be cleaned monthly and serviced quarterly. The monthly cleaning is not only for deodorizing and preventing pests, but also acts as preventative maintenance by preventing buildup of gunk and grease that can cause future issues. Quarterly service is for lubrications, hydraulics & fittings inspection, checking cylinder pins, etc.

We wish it were a blanket price, but with the many different types, sizes, locations, and all around unknown variables of your unique situation its difficult to say. We invite you to submit an online inquiry, or give us a call, so we can offer a free quote based on your circumstances!

It could be either – Say you just got your trash chute cleaned but not the compactor or trash room. The smell from the trash compactor and room can draft up the chute and permeate the halls; We recommend cleaning and sanitizing both once a month to lock out odors and keep flies, rats, and pests at minimum.

Corporate Loss & Fraud


Its a tool that can help businesses identify and prevent losses from theft, fraud, and other types of risk that negatively effect your operations. It can help you improve your net earnings by reducing financial losses!

Corporate loss software generally works by analyzing a clients financial data and transactions to identify potential risks, fraud, and anomalies. It can also provide real-time alerts and reporting to help you stay on top of potential losses before they’re gone, saving you money at your bottom line!

Yes! Our service is seamless and integrates into existing systems, such as the Aloha system. Whether you’re a small business, restaurant, bar, or an enterprise – we have the right solution for you to start catching fraud, and stop losing money!

Your frequency of use will depend on your business needs and the level of risk you are concerned about within. Some businesses choose to analyze data on a weekly or monthly basis, while others may need to analyze data daily to stay on top of potential losses. General Sanitizers offers flexible plans for all business needs big or small!

While there are many factors that could lead a business to net less money, our corporate loss software is specifically designed to address issues related to loss prevention and risk management. If you have financial losses or discrepancies you cant explain, have concerns about employee theft or fraud, or simply want to be more proactive about your financial reporting then this is for you!